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SunTrust & Regions Bank join Bank of America by no longer charging customers for their Debit Card

Bank of America no longer will charge $5 Debit Card Fee — just shy of CLOSE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT DAY on Novemeber 5, of course!

Chase to NOT charge Debit Card Fees…however, they may get a bit more creative with how they plan to charge you in other ways…such as:

-Inactive Debit Cards

– Paper Statements

-Talking to a Customer Service Agent (over the phone)


If President Obama has his way with these new reforms in student loan debts, many people may be able to consolidate their debt and decrease the interest owed on them!  Take a look at the article below and watch out for the possibility to change your student loans in January!

Take a look at this article for a little more insight into the verification process that goes into closing your account and opening another one…

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One would think that in a credit crisis we would find ourselves with less and less offerings for things such as credit cards, loans, etc. However, credit cards are now on the prowl for more business — and they are offering you more rewards!

Be smart and get the rewards that work best for YOU when opening a credit card in the near future!

Apparently, banks knew that switching banks may be a difficult thing to do considering all the transactions we make online through automatic bill pay — yet another calculated effort. Watch the charges!!!

According to the report linked below, there will be a 3% increase in Social Security payments to existing recipients — the first increase since 2009.

How about conserving those funds for future generations — just putting it out there… 🙂

Fee Free Banks!

Yes — its true! Since brick-and-mortar banks are hiking their fees, internet banks are on the rise and are offering FREE accounts! Take a look at some of the banks and their perks in the linked article.